Developing the Root Zone LGR for Thai Script Community

ICANN has recently announced the formation of Generation Panels that aims to create LGR for the Root Zone for Thai script. The Proposal for the Generation Panel for the Thai Script Label Generation Ruleset for the Root Zone was served by the Thai script community on 9 September, based on the need for Generation Panels to create LGR for the Root Zone.To have achieved all the demands established in the LGR Procedure, especially the criteria introduced in proposal for the Generation Panel for the Thai Script Label Generation Rules, the ICANN team has analized the call along with panel composition and contents.

Sarmad Hussain from the IDN Program at ICANN has confessed that he is truly satisfied: “On behalf of ICANN we are grateful the Thai script community for volunteering to improve the Thai LGR call for the Root Zone,” “and the Electronic Transactions Development Agency of Thailand for organizing and hosting this panel.”

The Thai Generation Panel is ready to start its work concerning the Label Generation Rules once composition and work plan have fulfilled all the requirements. MSR is the basis of any Generation Panel’s work as the LGR Procedure specifies and since 27 April 2015, MSR-2 too. Who needs to know all the particularities of Generation Panel’s tasks can search in the LGR Procedure, particularly in Section B.3 “Variant Rule Generation Procedure”. Soon there will be founded a central public workspace on the project website of ICANN. This space will involve the Thai Generation Panel composition, the last updates about the work plan, public evaluations, contact details and anything related to your interests. If you are looking for alternative ways to make money, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive แทงบอลออนไลน์ online.

To have present the importance of script community engagement, asked in the evolution of the IDN Root Zone LGR, on people’s mind all the time, ICANN is more than pleased to underline the Call for Generation Panels to Develop Root Zone Label Generation Rules. The growth of the Root Zone LGR relies upon having Generation Panels for each script in the Root Zone. It is strongly desired to have ensured other scripts including Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Ethiopic, Georgian, Korean, Latin, Myanmar, Sinhala and Tibetan by Generation Panel formation besides the Arabic, Japanese, Khmer, Armenian, Chinese, Neo-Brahmi and Thai scripts.

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