How to Choose the Best Sex Toy For Your First Experience

Sex toys have become a staple of sex shops all over the world since the advent of the internet. But, they are no longer something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about buying. In fact, a high number of couples (and even married couples) keep several toys like female doll for adults available at any given time. Below are some ideas for choosing the right sex toy for your special partner.

Lubricant: Be sure that you buy a good amount of lube. Ideally, sex toys ought to come with a generous quantity of lube so that it will not leave any residue once it is inside of your spouse. Be careful though as some silicone lubes can leave a film on the skin which makes sex uncomfortable. Most lubes come with instructions on the label as to what quantity to use, but double check to make certain that you do not use a lot of lube or your spouse might not be comfortable with a latex sex toy. Additionally, be sure you read the labels carefully, since they’re intended for specific lubricants only.

Clitoral Stimulating Creams: These are usually suggested for use on a woman before she gets on top, but they’re equally as effective on guys. You can get a cream that has a warming element built into it which will produce an unbearable sensation in your man once it is applied. It is also important that you select a sex toy that does not use large amounts of silicone because this could lead to irritation. Instead, choose something that utilizes a thinner, silky feel to increase sensation. Popular clitoral stimulating creams include Sexy Lick by Viva Flavors and Tantra Nude by Tantra Sex.

Condoms: As long as you are using condoms during sex, you are doing everything you can to prevent disease. This is one place where both spouses must agree, and the usage of water-based lubricants is highly recommended. However, many experts have discovered that one of the best sex toys for couples is a penis extender. A penis extender simply stretches out the penis, which causes the man to experience longer and more intense orgasms.

Butt Plugs: Whether you select plugs or butt plugs, the main thing that makes these sex toys so popular is because they allow you to attract a girl to new sexual heights. If you haven’t tried them, you just don’t know exactly what you’ve been missing. Plug in ass plugs come in all shapes and sizes, which explains why you never really know what you’ve been missing. The best part is that there’s nothing to remove as soon as you’re done with it. All you’ve got to do is take it off and store in your drawers. On the other hand, butt plugs come in so many different varieties that it would be impossible not to find the perfect one for you.

Vibrators: Vibrators are by far the most exciting sex toys for couples which also provide the best orgasm possible. This is because a vibrator stimulates both the clitoris and the g-spot at the same time, creating some significant intense pleasure. The great thing about vibrators is they do not need to be used frequently. You just use it when you feel like it, and then you can allow the vibrator run wild as you go about your normal activities.