One day series between Australia and India!

The latest news from the cricketing world is that India and Australia will fight with each other in Australia’s particular locations for the Border Gavaskar trophy. After almost every two to three years, Indian Australia Cricket Board decided to organize the trophy to provide significant growth to a cricketer in the particular parts of Australia and India country.

Both the cricketing Board from India and Australia declared their schedule for the upcoming tournament in the regions of Australia country. On the 27th of November 2020, there will be a one-day match between India and Australia in Sydney’s famous ground where India never manages to win. Five matches happened between two of the Nations where most of the time, Australia manages to win the matches and in India, most of the time, struggle to note is there win. If you are a huge sports fan, you might want to check out

Famous One day series to watch

  1. The start of the tournament will start with the one-day series between India and Australia where both are the teams going to play their first match in the beautiful ground of Sydney cricket ground.
  2. The match officials suggest both of the team play the fast bowlers to get an advantage in the same metal as the pitch of the ground is a bit faster on the side where fast bowlers can get a significant amount of advantage and can easily affect the batting performance of the batsman of both countries.

T20 cup

  1. After the one-day series, the very famous cricket format is the T20 format going to take place just after the one-day series between India and Australia. Both of the team are very confident in performing well in the T20 Cup because they recently both of the players from the different countries played for the IPL tournament, a very famous T20 tournament for cricket.
  2. The ranking of both of the teams depends upon the performance in the particular tournament going to take place in Australia country where both of the players are trying to do their level best to become the first side in the cricket the world by winning both of the tournaments like a one day and T20 tournament.

Test series between India and australia

  1. Test series between Australia and India, better known with the name of border Gavaskar trophy professionals willing to show their skills in the cricket game’s longer format. However, due to the new policies from the ICC, Australia becomes the first side in the test cricket, and India loses its first sight to the second position.
  2. But even that both of the teams, especially the India who are going to play in the particular parts of the Australian grounds pretty much confident of defeating Australia with their skills and good performance.

All the above information about the tour of India Australia good enough to provide you some upgraded news which you can use to watch this particular tournament over your TV screen, especially over the Sony Six Channel.

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