Shopping in online pharmacies

An online pharmacy or virtual pharmacy is a type of commercial pharmacy that works over the Internet. Orders are delivered to retailers via postal service, web portals or other shipping companies. This type pharmacy gives customers quick and easy access a wide range of pharmacy products. Customers can shop from their home or office and make purchases. Online pharmacies such as Canada Drugs operate with a simplified system that eliminates the need for a sales representative and allows customers to order products on their computers through a secure server. This simplified system is one of the reasons these types of businesses have been more successful in the long-term.

Canada Drugs

Online pharmacies offer a wide variety of prescription medication, which includes both pharmaceuticals and nonpharmaceuticals. Some online pharmacies sell only pharmaceuticals while others sell only non-pharmaceuticals. Online pharmacies that sell only pharmaceuticals may require that consumers order a minimum number of medications before receiving a three month supply. Most cases require consumers to pay a setup charge and a monthly fee to maintain a three months supply. Fees may vary from one country to the next. It is worth speaking with a regulatory agency in your region about possible fees.

A consumer can purchase medication from a Canada Revenue Agency-regulated pharmacy. However, tax deductions will be required. Many pharmacists prefer to deal only with licensed professionals who are members of CPAP. This group represents more than 900 pharmacists, technicians, and other professionals across the country. A CPAP member can help ensure that the pharmacist complies to all rules and regulations governing the distribution and sale of medications in Canada.

It is the responsibility of the consumer to ensure that the prescription drug they plan to purchase is licensed in Canada and that it has not been manufactured in a country that is not recognized by the government as a manufacturer of medical devices.

It is crucial that customers only purchase legitimate medication from licensed pharmacies. Make sure that you only shop with licensed professionals. It is also important to learn about the policies of your pharmacy regarding lost prescriptions.