Bjp wins the Bihar election for the chief minister in India!

The latest news for the Bihar election is that BJP won the Final Countdown in the voting machines and declared themselves the winner of the Bihar elections in November 2020. The opposite parties of the BJP also performed well in the particular elections and again a significant amount of words from the people of Bihar in India. Still, unfortunately for them, BJP finally manages to win the elections.

Nitish Kumar

  • It is Nitish Kumar who’s going to become the Chief Minister once again and declared himself as the most successful chief minister. Nitish Kumar considers himself a fortunate man who becomes our third-time chief minister for Bihar and declares that people of that region love him and his works, which he did in the previous working Times.
  • However, the party of the Nitish Kumar Janata Dal unable to get a more significant amount of votes; in fact, it is BJP who able to achieve the right amount of words from the people of Bihar, and because of that, Nitish Kumar going to take the personality of becoming the Chief Minister of Bihar.
  • There is an Alliance between Janata Dal and BJP in which BJP already declared that if there Alliance going to win the elections in Bihar, there will be a Nitish Kumar once again as a Chief Minister seat.
  • And that is why even is the Janata Dal not considered the right Mount of the board in the Bihar elections, BJP decided to make Nitish Kumar a chief minister of Bihar, as they already declared the information report of the media and other.

Tejasvi Yadav

  • UPA Alliance in which there are so many parties included like Congress Rashtriya Janata Dal which is better known with the name of RJD and other small parties trying their level best to win the Bihar elections but unfortunately for them at the last stages of the voting they defeated very badly add Tejasvi Yadav on able to become the first time chief minister for the Bihar state in India.
  • Tejaswi Yadav is the son of Lalu Prasad Yadav, who also become Chief Minister for the same reason. Unfortunately for them this time, they cannot notice the will in the same parts of the region.
  • However, Tejaswi Yadav and his teammate complain that wrong policies are going on in the election commission houses. Where are most of the people who wanted to win the BJP as BJP is also India’s central government?
  • The Complaints that there is a conspiracy going on against them and their party for them to lose the election, so whatever the reason is this time, Nitish Kumar become the Chief Minister of Bihar once again, Tejasvi Yadav feels annoyed at their loss.

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