Coronavirus Pandemic- What Are The Latest Updates In The World Regarding The Covid-19 Pandemic?

For the past 9-10 months, the world is under the infestation of the coronavirus. There is only one prayer that every person is making from God. That is the soon arrival of the vaccine. Only the vaccine is the solution that can help in the situation of the virus and bring the world back to normal. In the world, most countries are now facing the second phase of the corona, and the number of cases is rising every day. 

So, let us discuss some of the latest news from various parts of the world. 

  • In India, there is an improvement in the cases of the coronavirus in November. The country, after three months, has not witnessed several cases for less than 50 thousand. To the lowest, the number of cases near 15 November was 27000. After that, the infection has started to spread very badly. The number of cases has started to rise very badly. Due to this, many states have taken steps. The people’s movement is somehow restricted, and the curfew is also imposed in some portions of the country, which are becoming the active hotspots. 
  • The USA has also seen the per day hike of around 200 thousand people in a single day. It was the highest recorded number of infections by any country in the world. The USA people are still not following the guidelines laid by the government for their betterment. It is recorded that due to the thanksgiving and holidays coming near, the traveling in the country has increased manifolds. There are more than 12 million cases of coronavirus in the USA only, which is more than many countries combined. 
  • The third country that has witnessed a hike in the number of coronavirus cases in the world is Brazil. After the first wave of the corona was over and the country was getting over the losses due to covid and at the same time, the second wave of coronavirus stricken. The death toll in the country has reached one hundred and sixty-nine thousand today. 
  • The European countries who are considered as wealthy nations around the world are also feared if the covid. From the last two months, the covid was slowed down in the European belts due to which they have started opening their economy. As they took the step and were recovering from the past losses, the corona wave entered back on the continent. If you’d like to travel to Vienna in Austria and are able to, you might want to check out Grand Quarters – Exclusive Serviced Apartments Vienna.
  • The major countries like France, Germany, Italy, and the UK are very much affected. The situation is out of control that the governments there are thinking of imposing the lockdowns again. There is a rise of 33000 cases in France and Germany, which are very high if we see from the population point of view. Everyone who is feared back that situation may not get back to the one faced by them in March and April. 

These are the major updates of the coronavirus around the world. Everyone is praying for the vaccine companies to give some positive news to get over so much negativities of the covid. 


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