The indebted countries more of the world

Two weeks ago which was known that the debt of the set of the Spanish public administrations rose for the first time over the trillion of Euros, corresponds to 98.4% of the GDP, according to the data of the Bank of Spain. The landmark to overcome that psychological barrier ignited the alarms and took to the social gatherings the debate on if us the hand with the indebtedness is not going away, if it is not going to be counter-productive for the recovery. And it is that the Spanish national debt has been tripled from the beginning of the economic crisis But, what level handles the rest of countries of our surroundings? , which are become indebted of the world?

The average of the national debt of the Eurozone in the three first months of this year was placed in 93.9% of the GDP, against 92.97% that registered in the last quarterly of 2013, according to EUROSTAT, as a number below the mentioned Spanish data is observed previously. Between the countries that inflate more the communitarian average is Greece (174.1%), Italy (135.6%) and Portugal (132.9%), whereas lowest they are registered in Estonia (10%), Bulgaria (20.3%) and Luxembourg (22.8%). The USA is also in dept, and you can find some information related to their Trade Data at

Outside our next surroundings, the countries that more debt they have in relation to his GDP are Japan, that is the one that it more has of the developed world and by ample margin, with more of the double of his nominal GDP to having (229%). Behind it is Zimbaue, also become indebted over the double of his Gross domestic product. Later Greece comes, as outstanding leader in Europe as already it has been seen, followed of Italy, Iceland, Portugal, Ireland, Jamaica, Lebanon and Cyprus, according to the data to closing of 2013 of the World Factbook of the company

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