Three most latest and popular political affair news discussed!

The new news is published in particular newspapers and over the news channels to provide you the latest information every day. It is almost your moral duty to know and everything about present-day affairs, which helps you become an intelligent person who knows everything about the present day situation.

Today we will discuss some popular political affair news that will help you with every possible information regarding the political affairs that happened in the world right now. Sum of the three special political affairs discussed in the article below, which is necessary for you to know as a person who wants to become a learned person.

Biden wins in the presidential election.

  1. After so much hard work from Biden and his teammates, he becomes the new President of the United States of America. Trump, who is trying to win the second time election and become President for the United States of America again, unfortunately, we cannot win the election happened in the later month of November 2020.
  2. Due to the wrong policies followed by Trump and his party Republican Party most of the persons are not happy with the same party’s performance in the previous four-year cycle.
  3. Biden and their promises affect the minds of the United States people, and people started to think that it is relatively better to vote for by done instead of Trump. The latter cannot perform well during the initial coronavirus stages, where plenty of people dies just because of the wrong policies followed by Trump and his teammates.

Bjp and Nitish kumar wins in Bihar election

  1. Whereas in the particular parts of the Indian country, especially in Bihar, BJP and Nitish Kumar claim themselves as a new chief minister after winning the great fight in the particular elections to place in the earlier in November 2020. Tejaswi Yadav and another Alliance fight well, but unfortunately, they cannot win the elections due to the lack of 0.23% votes in the same elections.
  2. It is Nitish Kumar who become the chief minister of Bihar for the third time in his life, the Political career, and declared himself as the most successful chief minister in Bihar state in India.

Arnab Goswami got jailed by the Maharashtra govt.

  1. One more news from the political affair is that Arnab Goswami, the main editor of the Republic Bharat news channel, got jailed by the Maharashtra government. Udhav Thakre and his government charge so many cases against Arnab Goswami, who most of the time doing illegal activities against the Congress Party and other Alliance party of the same UPA group.
  2. The police of Maharashtra claims that the news channel R Bharat indulge in the wrong policies where they try to increase their TRP rates by doing some illegal activities which is not at all very much favor in the law.

All the three political affairs good enough to provide you some latest information which you need to know.


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